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Discovery Commons

  • The research repository initiative began with the installation of VITAL, a digital asset management product from Visionary Technology in Library Solutions (VTLS).
  • Repository development is accomplished by two full–time employees and one full–time database and application support specialist. Digitization, surrogate preparation, and quality control of repository contents is carried out by three full–time employees in the department of Digital Imaging and Archiving. Faculty members whose submitted proposals are accepted for project support, along with their students, provide subject matter expertise and critical metadata.
  • The repository is hosted by the Database and Application Administration unit and managed by Document Management Systems in the University’s Information Technology Enterprise Systems group.

Repository Contents

  • Clicking on a featured collection button on the left will take you to one of the currently active sites in the Discovery Commons repository.
  • Sites are generally open for guest use and anyone can freely access the contents, however, certain sites require password login for access.
  • Other links and information on this page are provided as resources for members of the Virginia Tech community who are involved in research activities.

Digital Imaging and Archiving Mission

  • Provide a comprehensive range of scanning services in support of image archiving, research, and repository development projects.
  • Maintain a reliable and increasingly comprehensive digital archive of materials created by the Virginia Tech community.
  • Offer assistance with preserving important university records by creating reliable and accessible electronic representations.
Welcome to the VITAL Access Portal. Here’s how to get started finding documents, images, video, and other objects in the repository.

Basic Keyword Search

To do a simple keyword search of the repository,
  • Type your search term(s) in the blank text box, and then click the Search button.
  • If you type more than one search term, the system assumes there is an AND between the terms and will find only objects that have both terms in indexed fields.
  • You can search using a phrase, which must be in quotation marks, for example, “road warriors.”
  • You can use wildcards in your search. A question mark (?) represents a single wildcard character, and an asterisk (*) represents one or more wildcard characters.

Other Searches You Can Do

To see a table of ALL the objects in the repository sorted by created date,
  • Click the Show All link.
To see the titles only of ALL the objects in the repository sorted alphabetically,
  • Click the Browse links in the menu bar. You can choose to browse by other indexes such as author, subject, and collections.
To do a precise keyword search using multiple terms and filters such as date range,
  • Click the Advanced Search link in the menu bar.
To do a keyword search of parent collections in the repository,
  1. Click the Advanced Search link in the menu bar.
  2. On the resulting Advanced Search screen, use the Search Collections option.